Kokusai Metal Python .357

Item No. PFCGu4

MGC Smith & Wesson M39

Item No. PFCGu12


Item No. PFCGu2

KSC Corporation M93r Proto

Item No. PFCGu1

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Item No. PFCGu5

Pre-owned Models In Stock


MGC Mac11 Machine Pistol

Item No. PFCGu6

MGC M31-RS2 Riot Shotgun

Item No. PFCGu7


KSC Corporation Beretta M93r

Item No. PFCGu15

Marushin WWII Walther P38 Military

Item No. PFCGu11

Rare Marushin P38 / P4 Kit

Item No. PFCGu10

Marushin Metal Luger P-08

Item No. PFCGu9

MGC Sig Sauer P220

Item No. PFCGu3

Marushin Metal Mauser M712

Item No. PFCGu13

Pre-owned Models Previously supplied (please ask we may be able to supply to order)

Kokusai Full Metal S&W M36 Chiefs Special

Item No. PFCGu14

MGC "67" Full Metal Colt 1911A1

Item No. PFCGu16

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Please be aware that although we do try to keep the website up to date, stock comes and goes so fast that is is always worth contacting us with you requirements as we always have much more stock that we get time to list!!! Below is just a small selection of items available at the moment! Drop us an email on the general enquires page and we will get back to you!

Rare Nakata Full Metal Enfield No2. mk1

Item No. PFCGu17

Marushin Uzi Kit

Item No. PFCGu18

Pre-owned Stock Arriving Soon

Also in stock not yet listed, please ask for details if interested


x2 Tanaka Sig / Sauer P226

These are great copies of the P226 semi-automatic, railed frame for attaching accessories, work / strip just as the original including the de-cocking system Good detailed Sig markings. We have two of these in stock, both have only fired a few shots and are in great condition. Both come boxed with instructions (1 of the boxes is tatty),  5 reusable cartridges (uses 5mm caps) and have a magazine capacity of 15 rounds. Front venting modern model made from HW material, weight ~680g loaded. Good Film/TV prop.

PRICE £185.00 each

x1 Left in stock

Item No. PFCGu19


Rare Marushin Full Metal / Wood WWll MP41 !!

Item No. PFCGu20

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Rare MGC Colt Police Positive Full Metal

Item No. PFCGu21

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Suzuki / ACG Beretta 92SB

Item No. PFCGu22

MGC Winchester 1873 Saddle Carbine

We managed to get another one!! All metal with wood stock / fore-grip. This is a good PFC firing replica which loads and cycles MGC cal. 40-44 brass rounds (6 included, uses 7mm caps) exactly as the original, In good condition (please see photos) : Built in 1988, Comes with no original box, a copy of original instructions, six new PFC firing MGC Cal 44 - 40 cartridges (reusable). The Winchester 1873 weighs approx 3 kilograms and is no longer made, feature a brass buttstock plate and adjustable sights. Mag capacity 12 + 1 chambered

PRICE £ 275 Reserved

Item No. PFCGu27

Marushins MP40 Built kit ABS WWll MP40

Item No. PFCGu24

x2 Nataka MP40s Firing and Non-firing Versions

In stock and ready to go are 2 early full metal (apart from front site hoods) Nataka / Marushin Mp40s, these are now very collectable, both models use real Stengun mags. One is a PFC firing version, the other is not, however both are fully strippable and have fully moving actions etc. Other full metal Nataka custom configurations are available but we would need time to put them together (eg chambered for different carts, new side panels / re-finished etc). The prices are the best you will find and reflect the rarity of these guns. Welded deacts are now £2000-£3000 !! These MP40s represent great value for money!


Nataka MP40 Firing model

Coverted to use the MGC P220 reusable cartridges, comes with 5 (uses 7mm caps) and reloading tool. Extra cartridges and Mags available. Weight un-loaded nearly 5kg. Great for re-enactors/film/TV, we believe we are the MOST honest company out there selling these so we describe the firing performance as "fires but can be fussy", the odd jams etc, most early converted Natakas are like this! go for the new ABS / HW Marushins if you want good firing performance. Finish on this one is the better of the two, but obviously that is subjective and depends on the look you require. Side panels are in worn / used condition with a repaired crack on left side above rear screw, but solid!!



Nataka MP40 Non Firing model

Finish on this one is a little worse than the one above, but again, that is subjective and depends on the look you require (can always be change for a fee). Side panels are in worn / used condition with a repaired crack on left side above rear screw, (YES THIS ALWAYS SEEMS TO HAPPEN! people over tighten this screw) again solid!! Fully strippable and fully moving action etc.

PRICE £ 400.00 Item No. PFCGu26

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Marushins MP40 Built kit HW/ABS WWll MP40

Ready to go! Built from more than 70 precision parts, it is the same size and operates just as the original WWll German classic. HW parts are the upper receiver, receiver magazine well, bolt, recoil tube, rear sight. ABS parts are the lower reciver, barrel, and grips. Metal parts are the folding stock, grip frame assembly, receiver end cap, muzzle, barrel nut, front sight, internal parts and magazine. A fully automatic firing, front venting model with a magazine capacity of 32 rounds. It comes with 10 used, serviced, reusable cartridges (uses 7mm caps), copy of instructions and reloading tool. Extra cartridges and Mags available. Weight un-loaded ~2.8kg. Great for re-enactors/film/TV, a used model but great condition, fully serviced with new parts, highly recommended! Click on the pictures for more detailed images.

PRICE £205.00

Item No. PFCGu28

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WWII Thompson SMG's

If you are considering a Thompson deact, then choose these instead!! much more fun! fully working actions, field strippable, even accept real thompson magazines, Weight 4.5kg-5.5kg unloaded! depending on loadout, very reasonable price compared to deacts, it doesn't get more real in the UK!!

PLUS they fire and eject .45acp PFC shells on semi or full auto!!!

Click on the picture to go to our Thompson page for more details

Metal Hudson MkII Stengun

Hard to find model in virtually as new condition, only fired a few rounds, all metal rarer version with open front venting barrel ! This is a good PFC firing replica which fires/blowsback semi or full auto and cycles 9mm brass rounds (5included, uses 7mm caps) exactly as the original, In good condition (please see photos) : Comes with original box, a copy of original instructions, weighs approx 3.8 kilograms and is no longer made, strips dow just like the original, great for film/re-enactors. Mag capacity 32rnds

PRICE £ 460.00

Item No. PFCGu29

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