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PFC Firing Thompson WWII Models and Spares

MGC Military Thompson SMG

What can we say!! As near to perfect condition as you will ever get!  (please  click on the images above to see more pictures) Made in August 2002 the model was fired a few times and has been in storage ever since, woodwork very near perfect as is the rest of the model! Bolt face is in perfect condition only ever fired a few mags! A great example, great for TV/Film work. It comes boxed with instructions, 20round magazine and 10 reusable PFC Cartridges.

PRICE £ SOLD (more arriving all the time please ask for details)

Item No. MGCTOM5


PlugFireCapGunsUK Full Metal and Wood MGC / Hudson Thompsons

Below is a selection of Blowback shell ejecting Thompson replica plug fire models. They are constructed from only metal and wood, no plastic at all! full size, full weight with fantastic detail. These guns are no longer made now but as the UKs  leading supplier we are often able to source some of the best condition examples of these exciting models available!!

These models are becoming increasingly rare so for a limited time this will be the last chance to own them!!

If you are considering a Thompson deact, then choose these instead!! much more fun! fully working actions, field strippable, even accept real thompson magazines, Weight 4.5kg-5.5kg unloaded! depending on loadout, very reasonable price compared to deacts, it doesn't get more real in the UK!!

PLUS they fire and eject .45acp PFC shells on semi or full auto!!!

The models are selectable semi / full auto firing, use full size re-usable .45 ACP PFC cartridges (7mm caps). We recommend the MGC for firing, its a pleasure to use, Following our policy of honesty with the customer, despite what you may read elsewhere the Hudson does require much more careful setup to fire reliably than the MGC, however that said the Hudson M1A1 model is a beautiful gun and perfect for the later WWII look. As said eariler these models are not made anymore, but where possible we will supply spares, or advise on alternative sources of parts to keep your model firing for years to come!!

Please see Thompson Spares section at the bottom of this page!!

Please contact us if you have any questions!!



MGC Military / Chicago Thompson SMG "Two Thompsons in One" !!

Again fantastic condition!! A few VERY minor slight scuffs. A Model made in July 1983 this model has again only been fired a few times, woodwork has a lovely patina!, and again bolt face is in perfect condition probably only ever chambered a few "live" cartridges. It again comes boxed with instructions, 39 round Drum magazine, 20 round stick magazine, both sets of woodwork to allow you to get the look you want, Cutts compensator and 10 reusable PFC Cartridges.


Item No. MGCTOM6



Hudson M1A1 Thompson SMG

Believe us, we were lucky to get this one!! Since Hudsons closure recently, these have become  near impossible to source new, but we managed it!! Probably the last chance to own a fantastic brand new M1A1 model of this quality. This is the best M1A1 copy on the market. It again comes boxed with instructions, 20 round magazine and 6 reusable Hudson PFC Cartridges, (note will also accept MGC Thompson cartridges :) The price of these soared since Hudsons closure and we can only predict they will go higher! A very sort after copy

PRICE £ Sold

Item No. HUDTOM3



MGC "Military" Thompson SMG

This is the one we would love to keep!! This model is an early version built in 1978, originally designed to fire the old "open" type of cartridge (these early models were made slightly differently, stronger construction!)  The wood and metal have the patina and look that only a 3 decades of regular handling can give, beautiful!! We have converted it to fire the latest up to date MGC .45ACP cartridges, it has a brand new modern type bolt fitted for faultless extraction and runs like a dream on full auto. NOW here's the bonus... it comes complete with:

Everything needed to enjoy the model for another 3 decades :)  No original box, but comes re-boxed with instructions.


Item No. MGCTOM4


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MGC/Hudson Military / Chicago Thompson Spares!!


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Just arrived, a unique model, fitted with a real cutts compensator this is the older version with the forwards venting barrel system, new parts fitted, great condition (please  click on the image above to see more pictures)  Bolt face is in good condition, the forward venting models do not come up for sale that often so do not miss the chance to own one! A great example, great for TV/Film work. It comes boxed with instructions, 20round magazine and 5 reusable PFC Cartridges.


Item No. MGCTOM7


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