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New & Pre-owned WWII German Semi Automatic Replicas

 MGC Metal Mauser HSc

Item No. PFCGG3

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Marushin Full Metal Luger P08 Parabellum

PRICE £245.00

Item No. PFCGG1


 MGC Metal Luger Artillery PO8

Great condition dummy "Lange Pistole 08" model from the 70's, strips like the real gun, manually cycles and ejects dummy rounds, action strips just like the original, very heavy in the hand can be cocked, chambers dummy rounds and action fired, then manually eject dummy brass cartridge by cycling the action, It works just like the real item, Comes in its original box with 5 dummy cartridges, model is in very good condition for its age ! see pictures, a real collectors piece!.
Item No. PFCGG22


 Nakata P38 Dummy Shell Cycling

Rare Nakata P38 copy, can be maually cycled by racking the slide back ejecting a cartridge and chambering a new one.
This is a nice replica with good markings on the gun. So a non cap firing but dummy model that can chamber and eject dummy shells, good one for the modelgun collectors or holster filler thats way better than a Denix........
PRICE £160.00
Item No. PFCGu53
PRICE £ 160.00
Item No. PFCGG10

 Rare Nakata Metal  Walther PP

VERY Rare Nakata Metal Front venting  Walther PP. This truly is a rare find, this early Japanese model is a full metal real size, firing replica of the Walther PP pistol. This is a front venting model, it was originally designed to fire caps available in the 1960's but we have adapted it to be able fire the new style 5mm caps, it DOES NOT blowback, but cartridges can be loaded in the mag, slide racked, the fired, produces a very impressive bang for a PFC and a good barrel flash effect!, slide can then be racked and used cart ejected, working safety, comes in original box with 7 reusable cartridges (uses 5mm caps ). This gun looks and feels real, and the FV barrel effects will make you smile :) new spec deacts=£300 old spec=£500
the price for this one which does a whole lot more...
Item No. PFCGG17

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 PFCG Custom Full Metal Walther PPK/s

PFCGUK Custom finished models in silver. Custom engraved by us with Walther markings,  Based on a new YT corp PFC firing model with all the YT corp makings removed ! Full function PFC firing metal semi-automatic pistol. It comes boxed, complete with 6 reusable cartridges (uses one 5mm and one 7mm cap in each cartridge) and reloading tool. Has working safety, and cycles ammo very well. This is a front venting model, Great weight and feel loaded ~780g. A very nice copy. Walther markings are unique, crisp and clear, see pictures Great for film/TV work!  Perfect for the modelgun collectors ! Own a unique gun! a real collectors piece!.
PRICE £ 250.00
Item No. PFCGG13

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 Marushin Full Metal Mauser Schnellfeuer M712

Perfect condition fully functioning model, strips like the real gun, fires using 7mm caps, Blows back and ejects rounds, semi or full auto selectable as the original.
22k gold plated (can be polished off to a fine nickel finish with elbow grease and brasso!) Real wood grips !!
Action strips just like the original, very heavy in the hand. It works just like the real item, loads fires and ejects. Comes boxed with 10 re-usable cartridges, rare stripper clip, 10 AND 20 round magazines and instructions, model is in as new condition see pictures, a real collectors piece!.
Now this is the best price ever on these and the 20 round mag is a rare thing on its own!!

We also have the shoulder stock/holster  and the leather harness for the holster available separately !!

If you collect and you want something special do NOT miss this !!
These are rare rare things now!!

Mauser M712 PRICE £ SOLD
Item No. PFCGG20

Mauser M712 Shoulder Stock PRICE £115.00
Item No. PFCGG20a 

Mauser M712 Leather Harness PRICE £90.00
Item No. PFCGG20b

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